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Shadow Boxing: Beyond basics -Building your combinations (add ons)

In this video we introduce the add-ons. These have been designed to get you out of danger at the end of your combinations and place you in an advantageous position to continue attacking your opponent.

1) Jab -> Slip their Cross, Pivot, Double Lead Hook, Cross

2) Jab, Cross -> Slip their Jab & step through, Rear Uppercut, Liver Shot,  Pivot, Jab, Jab

3) Jab, Cross, Lead Hook -> Roll their Rear Hand. Lead Hook, Liver Shot, Pivot, Jab, Jab

4)  Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Cross -> Roll their Lead Hand, Rear Uppercut, LiverShot,  Pivot, Jab, Jab

As explained in the video, the add-ons work by taking into account common responses to the last shot in the combination. Remember you will get more out of your shadow boxing by imagining an actual opponent in front of you reacting to what you are doing!

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