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Shadow Boxing - Beyond basics - Rhythm

In this video we look at the rhythm of our combinations and how we can change it to catch our opponents out.

First, we discuss the tempo and power of our shots. Up until now our combinations have been thrown with a steady beat, each shot has about the same speed and power. However, if my first shot in the combination is too hard my opponent might overreact by moving away making it harder to land the additional shots in the combination. Additionally, if I throw all my shots hard, say in a 4-punch combo, my last punch (the one I want to land) will not be as hard as it could have been. For the first drill aim to throw the initial punches in the combination fast and light whilst fully committing to the last power shot. This change in speed might throw your opponent off allowing you to land the final hard blow.

The second drill in the video is about breaking the rhythm of your combinations. The goal of this 'break' is to draw a reaction from your opponent to allow further shots to get through. The 'break' can be either a form of head movement or footwork and can be placed anywhere in the combination. Start simple by adding the 'break' after the first jab and with time move it to different punches in the combo to figure out which ones you prefer.


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