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JKD Kali Summer Camp in Barcelona

Here are the details about our forthcoming summer camp in Barcelona. The dates of the camp are 1-4 August. The 1st is arrival day then we have three days of training.

The venue is the stupendous Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta as shown above.

During the four days of the camp, you will have full access to all the facilities, including the 50 metre pools, etc. There is also lunch in the restaurant at a reduced rate. It's amazing and it's at the beach!

We'll be doing about three or four hours of training per day with a lunch break two thirds of the way through.

The camp is in collaboration with the Barcelona Jazz Festival and the Global Music Foundation. So if you're attending the camp you get free access to all the gigs, plus you get access to Jamboree and Tarantos night club after the concerts and jam sessions until 5am if you want.

Once you've signed up and emailed me, I'll send you gig lists and more details of the music side of things. If you're not into music, Barcelona has amazing night life and you always have the beach.

The cost is €220 which is amazing value.

We’re going to have an amazing time and hope to make this a regular annual event. The price is ridiculous and the quality of everything is amazing. Tell your friends.

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